Indoor snow day fun

Yes, it’s another snow day here in Philadelphia. But unlike the last storm, today it is very very windy. Audrey had no interest in going out to play, and I wasn’t going out in that cold, so I suited up the two little girls and sent them out. (I LOVE having a fenced-in back yard!) [...]

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Stinky: The Story

(Did you see my special edition Wordless and Smell-less Wednesday post yesterday?) Tuesday morning, I was rudely awakened at 6am by Sydney yelling for a tissue. As it was a full hour before she usually wakes up, I quickly went to her snotty little nose, hoping she would not wake up fully and give me [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Snow fort

Ah, young love

Yesterday we packed up the girls and went sledding. It was Sydney’s first time ever, and she absolutely loved it. There were two especially sweet moments. We met our good friends and neighbors at the hill and Sydney and Tommy started making plans. Now Tommy is a very sweet little boy and Rich and Tommy’s [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: The view from the porch

Is it spring yet?

As every parent of a school-aged child will tell you, the morning routine is a precisely engineered science. There are specific times by which teeth need to be brushed, breakfast needs to be consumed, and shoes need to be tied. If we are not buckling our seatbelts by 8:47, Audrey will be late for school. [...]

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