Planning our road trip

How much do you plan your vacations? Do you have a spreadsheet with minute-by-minute activities, complete with outfits for each day and restaurants for each meal? Or are you more of the type to play it by ear and do what you want while you are there? I am definitely the planning type. When we [...]

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Summer, here we come!

Audrey and Georgia have only three more days of school after today, and our summer is full of plans already! They will be doing three weeks of VBS, Audrey will be going to sleep-away camp for the first time, and we are going to Boston, Myrtle Beach, and Chicago (and driving to all three places!). [...]

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Visiting the zoo

My favorite pictures of my girls always include at least one shot of their backs. I love seeing them interested in something and seeing it through their eyes. Of course, they have beautiful faces, but there is something about seeing what they see that is so compelling. Here they are watching the otters Last Saturday, [...]

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Field Trip Mondays

This summer, the girls and I have been trying to go on a fun field trip each Monday. I will be discussing some of our trips in later posts, but today we had our biggest road trip. We drove three hours to the beach to visit Mel and her two kids, Dylan and Zoe. The [...]

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