Gutzy Gear: Review and Giveaway

Gutzy Gear

By this point in the year, my girls’ backpacks are getting a bit tired looking. Audrey (5th grade) and Georgia (2nd grade) each have rolling backpacks, so they are well-used from being dragged along sidewalks, grass, down hallways, and up and down the stairs at school. But, of course, there is no. way. I am [...]

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The only applesauce recipe

In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to make applesauce. The one drawback is that you will need a food mill. Wash, core, and cut into eighths a bunch of apples. DO NOT peel them. Place them in a stock pot with a smidgen of water (really, just barely cover the bottom of the [...]

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Works for Me Wednesday: Easy lunch

I don’t know about you, but I hate planning lunch. Audrey is the world’s pickiest lunch eater. She doesn’t like whole wheat bread, and I refuse to buy white, so she won’t eat sandwiches. Every day packing lunch for her is a struggle. The younger girls are not nearly as picky. But even so, I [...]

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