Check out my new gig!

Remember when I used to write for Philadelphia Moms Blog? Recently, the Silicon Valley Moms Group was bought by Technorati. So now you will be able to find me writing over there sometimes. Come check out my first post, a follow-up about our journey with Sydney and her red food dye issues.

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That's just wrong

Since becoming a parent, I have become much more accepting of children’s less than stellar behavior. Usually instead of giving loud or misbehaving kids the evil eye, I just give their parents a sympathetic look. Because it could just as easily have been one of my kids acting out. But sometimes it’s the parent who [...]

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Giving my girls the scoop

An unexpected benefit to having three daughters and then being pregnant again is the easy, natural way certain topics of conversation come up during the day. Somehow the concrete nature of my big belly makes the girls’ questions more answerable and my answers more matter-of-fact. Sydney has been very interested in the idea of my [...]

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The Broad Street Run

Last Sunday we spent the morning at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, waiting for Rich to finish the Broad Street Run. Ten miles in 90 degree heat! We were so proud of him. Read more about it on Philly Moms Blog…

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Here's how it should be

We have about five weeks until little Joel joins us on the outside. Which means I should be frantically getting things ready for his arrival, which I am. Sort of. So I was thinking about if I should bother writing a birth plan this time around, but I decided not to because the things I [...]

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Finally nesting

Suddenly I have realized that in 7 (really weeks our new baby boy will be here. And we have NOTHING done. Last weekend, my mother-in-law threw me a beautiful baby “sprinkle,” which really gave me a kick start. This week I spent a bunch of time in Joel’s room, folding all the little shirts and [...]

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Wildlife in suburban Philadelphia

Remember our stinky friend? We have continued to have issues with animals lately. Read about our latest misadventure today over at Philadelphia Moms Blog…

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What to feed the baby?

When Audrey was a baby, I was determined to give her the healthiest start possible. In addition to breastfeeding her for over a year, I made most of her baby food. I trekked 25 minutes to the closest Whole Foods so I could buy organic produce, and I delighted in feeding her tofu, avocado, and [...]

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The full story

I know you’ve all been on pins and needles, so here you go. Read all about my broken finger at Philly Moms Blog today…

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Characters at the Y

Sydney and I have been taking a mommy-and-me swimming class at the local YMCA. I never expected to learn my own lessons while she is splashing around! Find out what I have learned over at Philadelphia Moms Blog today…

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