Montessori Monday: Easter Eggs

I bought this funny chicken-basket back when I started doing Montessori activities with Sydney, and I have been saving it until Easter time. And when Melissa from Chasing Cheerios did this activity with her daughter, I remembered to bring it out! Sydney takes the eggs out of the “Kick-en” and, one by one, puts them [...]

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Beans, beans

When I first met Judy a few years ago, I noticed that she had a huge tub of dry beans in her kitchen for her son to play with. The tub had assorted sand toys and construction vehicles and looked like a great way to occupy her son while she cooked dinner. I filed the [...]

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Montessori Monday: Tongs and Pom-Poms

Now that Sydney has the whole-hand transfer down and has done some pouring and spooning works, I thought I would introduce the tongs. I got four of these little glass dishes at the thrift store for $1 (no idea what they are really for) and I thought they would be perfect for something, with their [...]

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Montessori Monday: Butterfly and Pom Poms

This morning, I got out a new activity for Sydney. Several months ago, I bought these butterflies at the dollar store. They are supposed to be non-slip decals for the bathtub, but flip them over and their little suction cups are perfect for placing a pom-pom. I thought the activity sounded like fun, but after [...]

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Montessori Monday: Sorting Animals

Remember these farm animals? They come in six colors, six different animals, and two sizes. I bought them in the fall for the girls, but Sydney is now finally sorting them by color. Here she is doing five of the colors, since the tray I have has five sections. I started her out with two [...]

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Montessori Monday: Sorting Silverware

Last night, we were at my in-law’s watching the Eagles’ game and Sydney and I did some Montessori on the fly. My mother-in-law has a tea set for the girls with six place settings. Sydney was interested in the silverware, so I showed her how to sort it into three piles: forks, knives, and spoons. [...]

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Montessori Monday: Christmas Edition

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? Sydney’s new whole-hand transfer is with jingle bells. Don’t mind the blurry hands. She is supposed to jingle each bell before putting it into one of the little wells in the tray. She liked this work long enough for me to take a couple of pictures. Then she [...]

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Works for Me Wednesday: Free Learning Games

Welcome to my first Works for Me Wednesday post! To find more great tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer. I saw an idea similar to this using fall leaves on a blog a few months ago. If it was yours, let me know and I will link to you. Georgia has a set of pattern [...]

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Montessori Monday: Spooning Lentils

Sorry I have been MIA. I am giving a lecture at our church’s Women’s Bible Study next week, so I have been working on that every spare second. Sydney and I were able to go up to the playroom this morning for a little while, where I introduced her to spooning (and pouring) lentils. This [...]

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Montessori Monday: Tubes

This is another of the bargains I found a few weeks ago at US Toy. Another $4 bargain, to be exact. Sydney always loves when I do presentations on new work. She sits, intently watching me, and wiggles until I tell her it is her turn. This work has three sizes of tubes in three [...]

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