Montessori Monday: Joel’s first

When Sydney was little, I started working with her on some Montessori-type activities. Each Monday I posted about what we had been doing that week. We started when she was about 16 months old, and she took to it right away, learning all the routines. Joel is now 14 months and I have been thinking [...]

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Montessori Monday: Color Box 3

It was a rainy day today, and a not-preschool day, so I dug out some old things for Sydney to do while Joel was napping. She did Color Box 3 (putting colors in order from darkest to lightest), but wouldn’t pose for a picture with it. She also played with a texture-matching game and had [...]

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Montessori Tuesday: Counting Animals

It’s been 10 months (!) since I’ve posted a Montessori Monday. Sydney has just not been interested in doing Montessori work, so I’ve put almost all of it away. Every time we have tried to do it, she just asks me to bring out new activities, and of course I can’t afford to have multiple [...]

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Montessori Monday: Dry pouring

Sydney did very well pouring lima beans from one pitcher to another. I really need to let her move on to pouring water, but I don’t want to do it in the Montessori room (carpet!). She does pour in other parts of the house, so maybe we’ll just skip the formal activity and continue with [...]

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Montessori Monday: Chopsticks and butterflies

When Rich and I went to San Francisco in March, I bought these stuck-together chopsticks for Sydney. She used them today to pick up butterflies and put them each in an indentation in this egg dish.

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Montessori Monday: ABCs

Sydney has been obsessed with letters for at least a year. She loves to find letters wherever she is, and her favorite books are alphabet books. This summer, I found this set of plastic letters at a yard sale for about fifty cents. Sydney loved putting them in order and identifying the picture on each [...]

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Montessori Monday: Color Box

Last fall, when I started doing Montessori work with Sydney, I went to Home Depot to get these Mickey Mouse paint chips. I mounted them on foam core board and they have held up very nicely. Although somehow one of the whites is missing… Sydney knows all her colors now but loves to play “match-match” [...]

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Montessori Monday: Tongs

Back to an oldie-but-goodie today. Sydney chose to transfer these big pom-poms to a glass tray with tongs. We used to have another pair of tongs that were easier for her to use, but they wandered off the Montessori shelf and I found them broken on the floor over the summer. I will have to [...]

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Montessori Monday: Sorting Leaves

There is a hint of fall in the air, so Sydney and I went to the dollar store today to find some new fall Montessori work. And we had success! I bought a package of craft leaves and remembered this leaf-shaped divided dish that I found at the thrift store last year. I put four [...]

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Montessori Monday: Gearing up for the new year

In the midst of switching out the girls’ rooms is my preparation for another year of Montessori work with Sydney. Sydney’s old room is becoming Rich’s office and also the Montessori room. It is definitely a work in progress, but I am excited about the potential. So far, I have moved the Montessori shelf into [...]

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