What’s it really like?


The other day, I had to laugh. A friend told me that she sees me as a calm mother. While I was flattered, it really made me wonder how on earth she got that idea. Unfortunately, I’m sure my children would have a different attitude about my usual level of calmness. But it really made [...]

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A playgroup is really a mommy support group

An early playgroup. Audrey is the baby at the bottom left.

When I brought tiny Audrey home from the hospital almost 11 years ago, I was completely overwhelmed. I was suddenly responsible for this fragile, precious creature. Somehow I would have to not only keep her alive, but help her learn and grow for the next 18 years! When she was two months old, I knew [...]

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Helping your child make new friends

Making new friends

Somehow, after six years in our elementary school, two older sisters with multiple friends who have younger siblings, three kindergarten classes, and five children at our school from her preschool class, Sydney has not one child in her class that she knew before school started. Her best buddy, O, is in the classroom next door. [...]

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Off to BlogHer '12

Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m heading to New York City to attend the biggest women’s blogging conference in the world: BlogHer ’12! After all the planning, waiting, obsessing, preparing, and shopping, it’s finally time to go. My bag is packed with shoes, cute outfits, and lots of empty space for the inevitable swag I’ll be [...]

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Touring San Diego


  Rich and I had a great mini-vacation in San Diego last weekend. We stayed at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, which was absolutely beautiful. It is right on the bay (obviously), and in between the convention center and Petco Park (where the Padres play), near lots of shops and restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter. [...]

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It’s not pushing if she’s running ahead


One of the best parts about motherhood has been watching my children develop their personalities as they grow. I love seeing what their likes and dislikes are, the things that interest them, motivate them, and challenge them. It can be a stretch for me when they are drawn to things that wouldn’t necessarily interest me [...]

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This life I’ve been given

When I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to have a big family someday. I was the oldest of two and from a young age I loved little children. I remember, as a fifth or sixth-grader, deciding that I wanted six kids and even picking out long, flowing names for each of [...]

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My shy extrovert


I am an introvert. I am not a hermit–I love being with people, doing fun things, going places, and having a good time. But after all that, I need to go home and have a bit of silence. For example, whenever our family goes to a museum, the zoo, or a party, I am always [...]

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A Mommy who returns library books on time

library books

Let’s take a break from the serious posts in this series for today, shall we? I seem to be physically unable to get library books back to the library when they are due. I don’t know what the problem is. It’s not like the amount of time we have them changes or something tricky, it’s [...]

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A Mommy who pursues the relationship

“Mommy? Can I watch a show? Mommy? Mommy? Can we go outside and play? Mommy? Will you read me this book? Mommy? Mommy?” Sydney often begs. “Just a minute, honey, let me finish this one thing…” And one thing becomes five things. Just let me check my email. Let me read this one more post. [...]

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