Farewell to the crib

transitioning to a toddler bed

It’s bittersweet, but Joel has said goodbye to his crib. Ever since I wrote the last post about transitioning toddlers from the crib to a big bed, I have been thinking about the big move. I went back and forth about it, since he never gave us a hard time about sleeping in his crib. [...]

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Grocery shopping with a tween


One day a few years ago, when Audrey was pestering me one day in the grocery store, I promised that when she was ten, she could get her own cart and help me shop. Well, guess what? She is going to be ten next week, and she is the type of child who Never Forgets [...]

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How to cut a baby boy’s hair

 Joel needed a hair cut. His hair was growing over his ears and over his eyebrows. In the back, it was long enough to put a ponytail in, if I would’ve been so inclined. But I had no idea how to cut a baby boy’s hair. I do cut Rich’s hair, but his is buzzed [...]

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Occupation: Potty Trainer?

So it’s been about two weeks since I started potty training Sydney. And I am happy to report that she has been doing a great job! After the first day, which included 6.5 accidents and 3.5 successes, she has had only a few accidents. I will leave the half accident/half success to your imagination. I [...]

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Mommy, wow! I’m a big kid now

Sydney has been in the midst of her baby-to-big-kid transitions for a few weeks now. It all started when she turned two on May 1 and we got rid of her bottles. (I know, she was too old for them, but what’s the difference between drinking milk from a bottle or sippy?) I put all [...]

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