Washington, D.C. with kids: American History Museum

There’s the Washington Monument! This summer, we were able to take two weekend trips to Washington, D.C. My brother lives about an hour from the city, and the Phillies were playing the Nationals both weekend, so it was a great place to head with my parents. This past school year, Audrey’s fourth grade class studied [...]

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Summer Reading Round-up

Before I had kids, one of the things I was most looking forward to was reading with them. I have always loved to read, and spent many a summer day sprawled across my bed with a stack of books. I had to lay perfectly still to best access the slight breeze from the ceiling fan [...]

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Sydney’s first day of preschool

First day of school!

My (school year) nemesis

There are two main things I struggle with during the school year. The first is packing lunches. I hate packing lunches because Audrey won’t eat sandwiches. Her other problem is that she gets tired of things after eating them just a couple of times. Fortunately, Georgia loves sandwiches and is very easy to pack for, [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: First day of school 2009

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Time for Reading: Guided Reading books

For the last three or so months, I have completely stopped working with Georgia on her reading because she has been completely uninterested. But over the last few weeks, Georgia has been picking up words here and there, almost unintentionally. So the other day, I decided to bring up the idea of reading again with [...]

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Thankful Turkey

I got this idea from Make and Takes, but modified it slightly. Every morning, Audrey and Georgia each write something she is thankful for on a feather and glue it to our turkey. I didn’t think about this ahead of time, but this is a great activity for Georgia. She is practicing writing her letters, [...]

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Time for Reading: Ending Sound Sort

I got this idea from Steph at Montessori Free Fall, although I can’t find the exact post to link to it. I got out two of Georgia’s sandpaper letters and drew some little pictures on cards. She had to sort the pictures into two columns based on the ending sound of each word. Georgia did [...]

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Sound Blending Cards

I got a set of Sound Blending Cards on clearance at Lakeshore a couple of weeks ago. These cards feature three letter CVC words with the corresponding picture. Children are to blend the sounds together, read the word, and then check by looking at the picture. They are supposed to go into a special pocket [...]

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