How to play Golf: the card game

Playings Cards

Yesterday, I promised that I would tell you how to play a card game called Golf. Some friends from church taught us, and it’s a lot of fun. In Golf, as in regular golf, the object is to be the player with the lowest score. We play nine hands, like you could play nine holes [...]

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Keeping kids learning over the summer

Learning to boogie board is an important way to fight off that summer slide!

Here in the Philadelphia suburbs, summer vacation is about halfway over. Even though stores have been selling back-to-school supplies for weeks (and we’ve already stocked up), we still have all of August to enjoy together before our girls go back after Labor Day. But, of course, we want to avoid the dreaded Summer Slide (duhn [...]

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Grocery shopping with a tween


One day a few years ago, when Audrey was pestering me one day in the grocery store, I promised that when she was ten, she could get her own cart and help me shop. Well, guess what? She is going to be ten next week, and she is the type of child who Never Forgets [...]

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Summer Reading Goals

summer reading goals

Ahhh, summer. Long, lazy days to relax, play, sweat… As a kid, my favorite way to pass the summer days was to lay across my bed and read. I tried to be as completely still as I possibly could, with my ceiling fan on “high,” the windows open, and the lights off. We didn’t have [...]

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How to set up a treasure hunt


Whether it’s a birthday party, The Amazing Race, or just for fun, everyone loves a treasure hunt. It’s easy to set up a treasure hunt for your kids, and it’s a fun summertime (or anytime) activity. First, choose something to be the treasure. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate, because the hunt is really [...]

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Tape Measuring Fun

Yesterday I was busy in Sydney and Georgia’s room, rearranging the furniture. Sydney and Joel were enthralled with the tape measure: the way it springs back into place, the interesting numbers, just the fact that I was “playing” with it. So today, when Sydney started whining about having to do her “rest time,” I remembered [...]

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Practicing music lessons

Piano lesson

One thing I love about our girls’ school district is that kids get the opportunity to start instrumental music lessons in third grade. Georgia is excited to start next year, and Audrey is in her third year of playing the violin in the school ensemble. Music is very important to me: I started playing the [...]

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A visit to Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

A couple of weekends ago, we took our kids on a fall drive through beautiful Pennsylvania countryside to Crystal Cave. Audrey and Georgia are always up for an adventure, so they were excited. And Joel just likes to be with his family. Sydney loves rocks and has a collection (of broken bits of concrete), so [...]

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Color Mixing Activity

I teach science at Sydney’s preschool once a month, which is a fun way to get to know her little friends and be involved in her school. This month, we talked about colors which is great at this time of year with all the fall leaves turning. This is such a fun activity that my [...]

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Washington, D.C. with Kids: National Building Museum

This is Part 2 of a series on Washington, D.C. with kids. We also visited the National American History Museum. Any place that combines wide open spaces, lots of toys, and zillions of Legos is bound to be a big hit with my kids. One of their favorite stops on our recent trip to Washington, [...]

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