Keeping kids in their beds


It’s a transition every parent dreads: Moving your toddler from the crib to a toddler bed. Will he fall out? Will he climb out? Will anyone in the family get any sleep? Joel is 20 months old and I know full well that his days in the crib are numbered. None of our kids have [...]

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A great Christmas present

Getting used to the nursery

It’s been a long road for Joel in our church nursery. He was sick a lot last winter, so it wasn’t until spring when he was almost one that he could consistently attend. And by then, he was solidly in the midst of separation anxiety! Slowly, each week has been better. For the last few [...]

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It’s all thanks to my helpers

tree 1

The Christmas tree is all decorated, doesn’t it look beautiful? I particularly like how this side turned out, with the ornament from San Francisco… Hold on, what’s that orange thing back there? Can’t quite tell…a little closer… I guess Joel was helping trim the tree. Thanks, buddy! Nothing like half a toy carrot to really [...]

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Disciplining toddlers

Disciplining toddlers

What do you do when your child looks you in the eye, smiles, and then does exactly what you told him not to do? It’s pretty straightforward when you have a preschooler–time out. Or a child in grade school–take away a privilege. But when your little transgressor is just a toddler, it’s sometimes hard to [...]

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Fun in the leaves

laughing boy

It was hard to get all the leaves out of her hair at bathtime

Joel loves to help

Joel didn't want to get in at first, but then realized the leaf pile was fun

Sissy was cracking this boy up!

A dandelion was peeking through the leaves

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Just chillin’

Time to carve the pumpkin!

There are lots of families who carve grand, elaborate pumpkins this time of year. People download stencils and painstakingly scrape away at the pumpkin’s flesh to create cats, monsters, ghosts, or lovely fall trees. Yeah, we stick to the basics. Little guys on the table, big girls on chairs (much to their distress. Audrey really [...]

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Pumpkin Picking

We love going to the pumpkin patch every October. Last year, Joel was just a little guy: But this year, he really enjoyed himself! We started out with a hayride, which everyone loved. Except Rich, who is allergic to hay, and got a hive on his wrist. Which happens every year. But he’s a good [...]

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How to cut a baby boy’s hair

 Joel needed a hair cut. His hair was growing over his ears and over his eyebrows. In the back, it was long enough to put a ponytail in, if I would’ve been so inclined. But I had no idea how to cut a baby boy’s hair. I do cut Rich’s hair, but his is buzzed [...]

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