Time to carve the pumpkin!

There are lots of families who carve grand, elaborate pumpkins this time of year. People download stencils and painstakingly scrape away at the pumpkin’s flesh to create cats, monsters, ghosts, or lovely fall trees. Yeah, we stick to the basics. Little guys on the table, big girls on chairs (much to their distress. Audrey really [...]

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Trick or treat!

Audrey was a 50′s girl. She had saddle shoes, too, but they didn’t make this picture. Georgia was Kirsten (the American Girl). Sydney was a teddy bear (“I’m a Frennnnn-ly Bear!”). Joel was a dragon (breathes spit-up fire). Does your family “do” Halloween?

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A long "vacation"

It all started when Georgia came home from school with a fever at the end of October. Yes, it was the dreaded H1N1. And guess who got it next? Yup, Mommy. And then Sydney. Poor little Syd was still running a 101 degree fever on Halloween night when I loaded her up in the stroller [...]

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What is your take on Halloween?

Is it just me, or does Halloween seem to be a bigger and bigger holiday every year? People are fascinated by it for some reason. Houses are decked out with orange lights and corpses hanging by their necks from trees. It’s that time of year when everybody in the blogosphere has something to say about [...]

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