Which teacher is best?

The other day, I got a call from our school district verifying that Georgia will, in fact, be attending kindergarten in a few weeks. After I confirmed Georgia’s registration, the woman from the district informed me that I would receive a letter from her teacher the week before school starts. Audrey’s third grade class assignment [...]

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Gifted Education 101: I Think My Child is Gifted. Now What?

Part 3 in a series If you think your school-aged child may be gifted and would benefit from accomodations made to her curriculum, the first thing you should do is request, in writing, that your child be tested. In Pennsylvania, this is called a Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation (GMDE) and can be requested by parents up [...]

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Gifted Education 101: Is my child gifted? Should I care?

Part 2 in a series What exactly does “gifted” mean?All parents know their children are the most wonderful, adorable, funny people on earth. So what is the hype with gifted-ness? There are many official definitions of the word “gifted,” and if you would like an in-depth discussion, check out Hoagies‘ page discussing it. In a [...]

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Gifted Education 101

part 1 in a weekly series Before Audrey started kindergarten last year, we knew that she would be academically ahead of most of her classmates. She was reading Magic Treehouse books in a 20-minute sitting and could add two-digit numbers in her head. But we didn’t think it would be much of an issue in [...]

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Coming Soon: Gifted Education 101

After the New Year, I will be starting a new series on Thursdays discussing topics in gifted education. Some of the questions I will be covering include: I think my child is gifted. How can I tell for sure and why does it matter? Should my child be tested? What do the tests mean? What [...]

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Honeymoon’s over

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with Audrey’s teacher about her adjustment to second grade. I was glad but not surprised to hear that Audrey is doing well, both academically and socially. Our book club seemed to help her make some stronger connections with her classmates, which I am thankful for. When we [...]

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Gifted program so far

If you have been reading my blog since last spring, you will remember that much of last school year was occupied with the process of getting Audrey tested for the gifted program and arranging for her grade skip. In our district, children in grades 1-6 identified as gifted are given a weekly pull-out class for [...]

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A Place for Audrey

To catch up on the saga, part 1, part 2, part 3, we have been pursuing a grade skip for Audrey for next year. Mission accomplished! This afternoon, I got a call from the principal saying that the superintendent had approved Audrey’s placement in second grade next year. We are very thankful that this is [...]

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Decisions about Audrey, part 3

Part 1 Part 2 Continued… Although the administration at Audrey’s school had decided that she was not a good candidate for whole-grade acceleration (skipping first grade), we had become convinced that this was the best course of action for her. After our meeting with “them,” we took a few days to decompress and regroup. We [...]

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What to do about Audrey? Part 2

Part 1 Continued… To pick up where I left off last time, in November we decided to have Audrey tested for the gifted program. In Pennsylvania, the school has sixty school days from the day a parent puts in the request until they are obligated to produce a document called a Gifted Written Report (GWR). [...]

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