Fresh produce for the growing-averse

What’s the opposite of a green thumb? A black thumb? Yeah, that’s what I have. I love flowers and fresh-picked vegetables, but helping them grow and flourish in my yard just doesn’t work for me. Before we moved in to our house, a previous owner planted masses of beautiful tulips around our front porch and [...]

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My shy extrovert


I am an introvert. I am not a hermit–I love being with people, doing fun things, going places, and having a good time. But after all that, I need to go home and have a bit of silence. For example, whenever our family goes to a museum, the zoo, or a party, I am always [...]

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Music: What’s your soundtrack?

Do you ever feel like your life could be on screen? When I was little, I used to imagine I was on a TV show, and there were cameras following me around, filming my oh-so-exciting life. (Where did I come UP with this?) I remember walking to my friend’s house down the street, or walking [...]

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How did history come alive for you?

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat! I come from a long line of history buffs. When my grandparents were alive, they loved to travel all over the world, learning about history and seeing historical sites. My parents used to load me and my brother up and [...]

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Five ways to keep dress-up fun for older girls

My four-year-old, Sydney, loves to play dress-up. Her current favorite is a fabulous Snow White dress that my mom found at a thrift store (the kind that’s expensive at the Disney Store at Halloween). She always accessorizes with elbow-length yellow gloves, red high heels, and various Mardi Gras beads. Having three girls, we have quite [...]

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Planning our road trip

How much do you plan your vacations? Do you have a spreadsheet with minute-by-minute activities, complete with outfits for each day and restaurants for each meal? Or are you more of the type to play it by ear and do what you want while you are there? I am definitely the planning type. When we [...]

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Good enough?

When do you know you’re a good mom? Is it when your kids are getting along? When you’ve put a home-cooked dinner on the table? When everyone has a closet full of clean clothes? For me, there are times when I feel like I’m drowning under the load of household tasks, feeding, cleaning (house and [...]

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The food of love

I have a soft spot in my heart for a hot turkey sandwich on pasty white bread, sugary cereal served from huge dispensers, and big chocolate chip cookies, still hot. I met my husband when we were at school at Penn State, and these were the foods we ate as we fell in love. Isn’t [...]

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I knew…

Before I had kids, I knew just what to do to be a perfect mommy. I knew that moms who yelled at their children in the grocery store were just plain mean. (But now I realize that they are tired and have responded kindly to their kids seventy-zillion times already this morning.) I knew that [...]

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What’s on your to-do list?

This month’s From Left to Write book club selection is Take the Cake, which talks about achieving a work-personal life balance that works for you. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m not exactly the author’s target audience, but I still can struggle with balancing all my responsibilities. One of the chapters in the book that really [...]

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