It’s not pushing if she’s running ahead


One of the best parts about motherhood has been watching my children develop their personalities as they grow. I love seeing what their likes and dislikes are, the things that interest them, motivate them, and challenge them. It can be a stretch for me when they are drawn to things that wouldn’t necessarily interest me [...]

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Where’s the line between annoying and bullying?


For the last few months, we have been dealing with a tough situation at Audrey and Georgia’s school. It all started when a boy, “Robbie,” developed a crush on Audrey. At first, I thought it was kind of cute. After all, my daughter is beautiful and smart (biased much?), so it’s to be expected, right? [...]

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Christmas cookies


Three Flower Girls


My brother-in-law got married this past Saturday, and my girls’ dreams came true when they got to be the flower girls in the wedding. The ceremony was at 2:00, which I was nervous about since Joel’s naptime is usually 12-3. But since he was up so late the night before at the rehearsal dinner, he [...]

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Practicing music lessons

Piano lesson

One thing I love about our girls’ school district is that kids get the opportunity to start instrumental music lessons in third grade. Georgia is excited to start next year, and Audrey is in her third year of playing the violin in the school ensemble. Music is very important to me: I started playing the [...]

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Audrey picking apples

Every Friday, I write for five minutes. No editing, no overthinking. This week’s topic is “Grow.” Some days I notice that one of my little ones has grown. Sometimes it seems like they grow all at once at night, while they sleep. Or during the day, when they’re at school, or when they’ve been outside [...]

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Time to carve the pumpkin!

There are lots of families who carve grand, elaborate pumpkins this time of year. People download stencils and painstakingly scrape away at the pumpkin’s flesh to create cats, monsters, ghosts, or lovely fall trees. Yeah, we stick to the basics. Little guys on the table, big girls on chairs (much to their distress. Audrey really [...]

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Pumpkin Picking

We love going to the pumpkin patch every October. Last year, Joel was just a little guy: But this year, he really enjoyed himself! We started out with a hayride, which everyone loved. Except Rich, who is allergic to hay, and got a hive on his wrist. Which happens every year. But he’s a good [...]

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It wasn’t my fault this time

This evening, after Joel and Sydney were in bed, Audrey told me that one of her molars was loose. In our house, loose teeth are no longer a big exciting piece of news. Instead, I start dreading the four-stanza poem I’m going to have to write from the tooth fairy. And we all remember the [...]

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Wordless Wednesday: Apple Picking

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat!

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