When my mom was a teenager, my grandfather told her that she could have as many clothes as she wanted, as long as she sewed them herself. A typical teenaged girl, my mom loved clothes. She set her mind to learning to sew, and learned well.

She went to college to be a clothing designer, and made boutique children’s clothing when I was little. As I grew, she made many special, cute dresses for me and my dolls. She also made cute little outfits for my brother, but he was a boy who knew his mind early and wanted no part of rompers with appliqued geese on the front!

We were always the kids with the best Halloween costumes. And when I was in high school drama club, she made costume upon costume for plays. By the time I was a senior, she was the costume designer for the whole musical, a role that continued even after I had gone on to college!

The most special thing my mom sewed for me was a beautiful patchwork quilt. She had saved scraps from everything she had ever made for me and cut them into squares. Then she pieced the squares together to make a lovely memory for me to see the hours upon hours of love she had poured into me from her sewing machine.

My kids are now the happy recipients of my mom’s talents. They are the ones with the best costumes every year. And my mom has started to teach them how to sew, as well. It’s a wonderful, lasting way to show us she loves us.

No one has ever entrusted impoverished Emmalee with anything important but she takes it upon herself to sew her mentor’s resting garment in The Funeral Dress by Susan Gregg Gilmore. Join From Left to Write on September 19 as we discuss The Funeral Dress.  As a member, I received an e-copy of the book for review purposes.



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