Welcome, baby B!


We have a new little love! Meet our sweet baby boy. And now, as usual, I need help deciding on his blog name. It was hard enough choosing his real name! As with the other four kids, I need a name that I like but wouldn’t use that starts with the same letter as his real name, which starts with a B. Any suggestions?

B was born on April 10, and he was only six days late. Sounds bad, but he was actually the earliest of any of them! Even so, I spent the days after my due date in a very grumpy state of mind…

B is such a sweet little guy. He sleeps well and eats well, and started smiling at just two weeks old! He has a dimple in his right cheek, which I am totally enjoying. He doesn’t cry much and has started cooing in a very serious kind of way, like he really wants us to understand what he has to say.


The four big kids are smitten with their new baby:


Here’s one more pic of little B. Doesn’t he just have a pleasant look about him? Here’s hoping he stays that way!

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3 comments to Welcome, baby B!

  • Well done! Great photos too.

    Everyone says that when you have a kid you will be exhausted all the time or that they are “terrors” etc but like you pointed out they (in my experience) just sleep all the time, are inquisitive and just generally are happy, far the opposite from the terror I was promised or, as I like to say, threatened with!
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  • Congrats! So happy for you Amy. Your sweet princess is precious and cannot believe how big everyone is getting. Beautiful children! Blessings

  • Congrats! I am on baby c now and I wouldnt go back for the world!
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