Farewell to the crib

It’s bittersweet, but Joel has said goodbye to his crib. Ever since I wrote the last post about transitioning toddlers from the crib to a big bed, I have been thinking about the big move. I went back and forth about it, since he never gave us a hard time about sleeping in his crib. He never climbed out, or even looked like he was thinking about climbing out. He slept through the night and took great naps. Why mess with what works?

transitioning to a toddler bed

He used to be so tiny...

But on the other hand, I didn’t want to mess up our kids’ great track record of switching to a big kid bed. None of the three girls had a hard time staying in bed once they were moved, and I wanted to continue our pattern. I have heard so many of my friends with horror stories of their kids getting out of their toddler bed 57 times a night, giving up their naps, or falling asleep in strange places. I have no idea why my kids never did any of that, but I was unwilling to change anything about how we had done it before, in case the one thing I changed was the key to the whole transition.

So we decided to bring the toddler bed out of the basement soon after Rich and I went to San Diego in May. We figured that right before he turned two would be the perfect time. I started talking to Joel about how “soon” he was going to sleep in a big bed and how great it would be. We read books about toddlers sleeping in big beds (our favorite is called Sophie’s Big Bed) over and over.

I will admit that the morning Rich and I dismantled the crib and took it downstairs was bittersweet for us. (Bitter for me, sweet for him.) It was hard for me to say goodbye to the baby years and our trusty crib that we paid far, far too much for. Although knowing that we got 4 kids’ worth of use out of it helps a bit. Rich pretty much couldn’t stop grinning. He can’t wait until we leave all of the baby stuff behind us.

When Joel saw his “new” bed come up from the basement, he was one happy guy. He was thrilled to help clean the cobwebs and dust off of it, and thought it was great when I put his familiar old crib sheet and all his lovies in the bed for him. He couldn’t get enough of climbing in, laying down, then getting up and climbing out again.

At nap time, I was nervous. Would he cry? Would he ask for his crib back? (That wasn’t going to happen. That sucker takes forEver to put together.) Would he get out of bed a million times. I did the same routine as usual, reading him his story and laying him in his bed. Then I said, “Have a nice nap!” like I always do, and walked out. After I closed the door, I stood in the hallway for a bit, waiting to see if he would come out.

But he didn’t.

And now, a couple of months later, he still hasn’t.

All right, buddy! What a big boy!

How was your toddler’s transition from a crib to a big bed?

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2 comments to Farewell to the crib

  • What a big boy! Hang in there Mama I know that tugs at the heart!!

    I won’t even think about switching Els mostly because I am holding on to every baby-like behavior left. And the cribs all that really remains. LL switched very early because he was my escape artist and climbed out of the crib before 18 months! But his transition was easy. We had one rough night and by rough I mean we put him to bed and he came out twice. That was it!

  • Bailey

    Hes such a big boy!!
    Im nervous my daughter just turned 1 and shes been getting her arms and legs stuck in the slats of her crib we’ve pretty much tried everything but it keeps happening so were having to buy her a toddler bed now and i know shes going to be in and out of it all night! Shes always slept good in her crib i just lay her down and night night she goes but im terrified its going to be way more difficult than that!

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