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When I was a kid, I loved to read the Sunday comics section of the newspaper. My favorites were Family Circus, Foxtrot, and Baby Blues. What can I say? I even liked big families as a kid! I also liked Nancy, Garfield, and Dennis the Menace, and who could forget Peanuts? My brother liked Calvin and Hobbes as well as The Far Side.

Every Saturday, the Saturday paper would be delivered to our house, along with the parts of the Sunday paper that weren’t actually news. I.e. ads, classifieds, the Real Estate section, and the comics. While I ate my french toast or pancakes, I would read the comics. All of them. Even the ones I didn’t like, like Doonesbury. And on the back of the section, there were often activities or puzzles for kids that I would work on.

My girls have not had the opportunity to enjoy the Sunday comics section (the “funnies,” as my Granddad calls them), since we don’t get a print newspaper. But this year, my daughters have started getting interested in graphic novels. One series in particular, Baby Mouse, has caught especially Georgia’s (entering 3rd grade) and Sydney’s (entering kindergarten) attention. In each book, Baby Mouse has adventures that involve a lot of pink, and her frequently getting into a predicament and saying, “Typical.”

While I definitely want my kids choosing “regular” books in addition to graphic novels, anything that keeps them excited about reading works for me. If we still got the Sunday paper, I’d be all for the comic section. Is that even still a part of the paper? I hope so!






This post is inspired by Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate. This graphic novel offers a raw, yet humorous look at what happens to Jo after a surprise divorce. Join From Left to Write on Thursday, June 28 as we discuss Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate. I received a review copy of the book and all opinions are my own.

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