Summer Reading Goals

summer reading goalsAhhh, summer. Long, lazy days to relax, play, sweat…

As a kid, my favorite way to pass the summer days was to lay across my bed and read. I tried to be as completely still as I possibly could, with my ceiling fan on “high,” the windows open, and the lights off. We didn’t have central air, so I tried to take advantage of every breeze. And losing myself in a good book was a great way to get my mind off the sweat rolling down my back.

I can’t really spend my summer days laying in bed reading anymore. Somehow I think that at least some of the kids might object (Audrey would be perfectly happy to read all day, if she could).

But we will be doing a lot of reading this summer, nonetheless. All four of the kids are signed up for the library’s summer reading program. This year, they have to record the amount of time they spend reading, listening to audio books, or being read to. After a certain number of hours, they can get a prizes. But filling out the chart is almost motivation enough for them!

Georgia has already been coloring in the little boxes on her reading log, and often grabs a book if she has a minute free. Of course Audrey almost always has a book in her hand. And even 5-year-od Sydney (who learned to read this year, as well) has a book going in the car. Joel is always up for some books. That boy has an attention span! This afternoon, we probably read 15 books after his nap, while we were waiting to go pick up the girls from VBS.

Summer Reading Goals


I am planning to read at least two, hopefully three chapter books to the girls this summer. We have started reading Little House on the Prairie, and I would also like to read Ramona the Pest. If we have time, I will read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to them. We will be taking two long road trips this summer, so that would also be a great time to get some of these books read to the girls.

This year, I bought Sydney one of those “Bridge” workbooks. She LOOOOOVVVVEESSSS workbooks, and it was on sale for $5 at A.C. Moore, so I figured, why not. In the front of the book is a nice list of picture books that I am planning to work my way through, reading to her. We already own a good number of them, it’s just a matter of digging through the bookshelves.

And, of course, little Joel will get lots of reading time. I am hoping to go through the shelves and pull out some simple stories that he might like. Now that he’s two, he can follow a little bit of plot. He really likes 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and I think we might have one other in that series we can try.

Independent Reading

Audrey’s (going into 6th grade) goal for the summer is pretty much the same as it always is: read anything that comes across her path. Specifically, she would like to find a new series and read the whole thing. Series she has enjoyed recently include The Mysterious Benedict Society, The 39 Clues, The Sisters Grimm, anything by Andrew Clement, Peter and the Starcatchers… As far as books I would like her to try, she is in the middle of Island of the Blue Dolphins and I also have Harriet the Spy waiting for her.

Georgia’s (going into 3rd grade) summer reading goal is to win as many prizes as possible. I also think she is trying to beat Audrey, but she hasn’t confessed to it. Books she has enjoyed recently include The Doll People, The Magic Kitten series, titles in the “Who Was” biography series, nonfiction books on a variety of topics, especially animals… This summer, I think she would enjoy Bunnicula, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, and Mandy.

Sydney (going into kindergarten) doesn’t know she has a summer reading goal. But my goal for her is to continue to read independently, so that when school starts, she is reading quite comfortably. Right now, she is reading Bright, Shiny Skylar in the car. It is an easy reader that American Girl published in the late 90s/early 2000s, probably at a late first grade reading level. I think that this book is probably a stretch for her, but it’s an adorable book and our local library has a few others in the series, so I’ll take it! I think she would also enjoy reading the Frog and Toad books this summer (she already loves them), and maybe some of our easy reader Fancy Nancy or Pinkalicious books.

Mommy’s Reading

I am kind of on Audrey’s side, I’ll read anything that floats in front of my eyes. I also have quite a stack on the new-to-me-thrifted bookshelf in my room. My new favorite thing is to buy books at the thrift store. Last time I was there, everything was 25% off, so the books were 23 cents each! That’s less than the overdue fine for one day at our library. Works for me. As long as you don’t mind reading books that are not quite so current.

  • My Sister’s Keeper (Thrift Store)
  • Sharp Objects (TS)
  • The Zookeeper’s Wife (TS)
  • Gilead (TS)
  • The Dollmaker (TS)
  • The Shakespeare Secret (TS)
  • Grace for the Good Girl (By a blogger)
  • Bloom (BB)
  • What Women Fear (BB)
  • 1000 Gifts (again) (BB)
  • Confessions of a Scary Mommy (BB)
  • Organized Simplicity (BB)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (Throwback to high school)
  • A Separate Peace (THS)
  • The Great Gatsby (THS)
  • The Monsters of Templeton (Recommendation)
  • The Anti-Romantic Child (R)
  • Nurture Shock (R)
  • Kisses from Katie (R)
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (R)
  • A Praying Life (R)
  • Loving Well: Even if You Haven’t Been (R)
  • Grace Based Parenting (Parenting)
  • Just a Minute (P)
  • A Circle of Quiet (Writing)

Yikes! What a list! Now, I don’t own all of these. Some I will try to get from the library, and others I may just put off. I also love reading young adult and older elementary-aged books. I will probably read a good number of those this summer, too, as I visit the library with the kids.

How about you? What is on your or your kids’ reading list this summer?


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5 comments to Summer Reading Goals

  • WOW! That is some list. I am breaking out all our c.s. lewis books and maybe starting with Mere Christianity. We have so many books that I haven’t read or would love to read again. I just need to unpack them! We moved out of state and near the beach, so cannot wait to just read in my beach chair.

  • We just finished Little House in the Big Woods last night. The boys were absolutely fascinated by it! At the end of the last page Sam said, “I loved that book!” we’ve already picked up the second book from the library. And Sam wants to earn to sew;)

    I think mommy will check out a few on our list…
    Beth recently posted..Odder EvenMy Profile

  • “learn” and “your.” blah!
    Beth recently posted..Odder EvenMy Profile

  • i can’t believe how many similar titles on our kids lists (and our lists too!). zoe and i just finished the newest one in the benedict society books–it describes nicholas’ growing up years. i really enjoyed it–it may be one of my favorites in the series. the girls have bunnicula and some other howell books on cd so they have been working through those this summer. what about the invention of hugo cabaret and the other books by that author? also, i just read a new one i really liked in a similar vein, horten’s mysterious magic or something like that. i’ll try to find the author/title better for you. zoe has to read island of the blue dolphins for school over the summer.

    for yourself, i would also recommend leif enger’s peace like a river (much more preferable than “gilead” if you ask me!)…

    great post amy!
    melanie recently which we didn’t get to meet or see mayor emanuelMy Profile

  • So I must ask, how many did you get through?? I read Grace-Based Parenting…very good! I’m attempting the classics…little by little… :)
    Jess recently posted..Southern Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes!My Profile

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