Cooking with kids

My kids love to “help” me cook. Audrey, my 5th grader, can actually help around the kitchen. Last summer, I taught her how to make tacos so there is one meal that she is able to make from start to finish without help. I really need to teach her some more dinners!

Georgia, my 2nd grader, and Sydney, my 5-year-old, both love to help as well, but their assistance is less helpful. They are always up for making a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies or blueberry muffins.

Even little Joel, who is almost two, loves to help cook. Yesterday while his sisters were at school, I decided to let him help me bake some oatmeal cookies. He had so much fun dumping the ingredients in the bowl and standing waaaay back from the oven when I opened it. “Hot! Hooooot!”

Although cooking is one of my children’s favorite things to do with me, I often just try to get it done as quickly as I can. The one meal that I always let them help with is homemade pizza. We have homemade pizza about every other week. I make two big batches of pizza dough in my bread maker, and then I give each child a piece of foil and a ball of dough.

They roll out their dough, then start with the toppings. Audrey usually makes a deep-dish pizza with extra sauce and no cheese. Georgia likes to make her pizza with a smiley face made from pepperoni. Sydney likes hers with no sauce and extra cheese. And Joel loves the process of spreading the sauce around the dough with the back of a spoon.

They always eat a lot when they have made their own dinner! And then Rich and I can have our pizza the way we like it, too. I like mine with pineapple!

Do your kids like to help you cook? What do you make with them?

Julias ChildThis post is inspired by the novel Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo. Worried about what her kids eat, Julia Bailey starts a prepared organic toddler meals business. With names like Gentil Lentil, can Julia balance work and family and still save the world? Join From Left to Write on May 24 as we discuss Julia’s Child. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

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