Three Flower Girls

My brother-in-law got married this past Saturday, and my girls’ dreams came true when they got to be the flower girls in the wedding.

The ceremony was at 2:00, which I was nervous about since Joel’s naptime is usually 12-3. But since he was up so late the night before at the rehearsal dinner, he went down for his nap at 10:30 a.m. and got in almost two hours of sleep before we left!

I spent the morning primping, curling, braiding, spraying, and clipping the girls’ hair. They enjoyed watching The Princess Bride while I worked, so there was a minimum of fighting and squirming.

Once we got to the church, the girls waited excitedly for the ceremony to start. And when the moment arrived, they were lovin’ life! They were all smiles down the aisle. Unfortunately, the church where the wedding was held did not allow flower petals to be thrown (even silk ones), but the girls loved their pretty little bouquets anyway.

Somehow, between goldfish crackers, raisins, books, toys and his pacifier, I managed to keep Joel mostly quiet during the ceremony. There was one notable exception…after the soloist had finished her final song, he yelled, “Yay!” and the entire congregation laughed.

The reception was the best part for the kids. I think Joel ate about half his weight from the cheese tray, and then fell asleep during the dancing. But the girls were tearing up the floor the whole time! Audrey’s second grade teacher had taught her class the electric slide, so that was fun for her to do. And Sydney insisted on dancing with her bouquet the entire night.

The girls were among the last people on the dance floor at the end of the party. They are asking when they can go to another wedding because they had so much fun. Congratulations, Uncle Tom and Aunt Stacy!

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