Christmas books

I can’t believe it’s already halfway through December! We are plugging away at our advent activities, our Nativity advent calendar, our advent wreath from church, and our Jesse tree devotional. It’s a little much, to be honest with you. But the good thing is that there is something for each of the girls to do every day (either opening a drawer, putting up a part of the nativity scene, or hanging the Jesse tree ornament). And Joel loves to blow the candles out when we light the advent wreath!

The funny thing is that a couple of times the girls will open the advent drawer to find our special activity for the day, then by the time they get home from school, they forget. And so do I. And then we end up skipping one of the activities…

Between the advent stuff, school, piano, Christmas shopping/cards/wrapping, Rich traveling for work, and my brother-in-law’s wedding that the girls are going to be flower girls in this weekend, it has been pretty crazy around here. And then there’s the funny sound coming from my computer…

But nonetheless, I have been trying to keep the Christmas fun alive, especially for Sydney. She has been doing some Christmas crafts at rest time, and is enjoying playing with our Little People Christmas sets (one Nativity, one Christmas tree/sledding).

I also brought down all our Christmas books and put them in a big tub under the Christmas tree. She loves to look through them at rest time, and is able to read a few of them all by herself.

Here are some of our favorites:

What is one of your favorite Christmas books?

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