Audrey picking applesEvery Friday, I write for five minutes. No editing, no overthinking. This week’s topic is “Grow.”

Some days I notice that one of my little ones has grown. Sometimes it seems like they grow all at once at night, while they sleep. Or during the day, when they’re at school, or when they’ve been outside in the fresh air all afternoon.

This week, Audrey has grown. She is in fifth grade, and besides being unbelievably (to me) tall, she is growing more like a young woman.

I love seeing the fruit of her love for Jesus growing. The way she treats her sisters, the way she plays with her friends, the way she speaks with grace and kindness to those who are not her friends.

Thank you, Lord, that there’s more to her growth than me as her mommy. Thank you for your Spirit that is alive and growing her. And growing me, too.

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