Four and a half is bigger than four

My Sydney is four and a half. And to someone her size, the “half” makes a big difference! Sydney is a girl on a mission–a mission to be big. She will not let her big sissies get ahead of her. She tries her very best to keep up at all times, and she usually does a pretty good job of it.

Sydney loves and hates with a passion that she’s had since her first moments on this earth. She loves playing with her friends or sisters. She loves to be read to. She loves doing crafts. She loves playing dress-up. She loves hot dogs and pretty much every fruit. She loves playing with legos, dolls, and play-doh.

She loves watching TV, playing on the computer, or “using” my iPhone, and chafes at our screen time limits pretty much every day. She loves treats (although she is still allergic to red food dye so she is somewhat limited). She loves princesses, fancy shoes, playing outside, and wearing tights. She loves going on rides and being entertained.

On the other end of the “delightful” spectrum, she loves whining and tattling. She loves band-aids and loves to fight taking medicine. Unless she doesn’t need it.

Sydney hates playing by herself. Her hour of rest time each afternoon is a constant negotiation. She hates chicken in most preparations, she hates most vegetables (except for salad and cucumbers), she hates pretty much every dinner food. In fact, it is the exception that she goes to bed after having eaten a good dinner. It doesn’t seem to have hurt her any, though!

Sydney, at four-and-a-half, can do so many things now. She can write all her letters and most of the numbers, she can count to one hundred, and she can memorize her memory verses from Sunday School. She is learning to read, and can read a lot more than she even knows.

Sydney has a great imagination and a great heart. She is very good about helping out with her baby brother and loves him. She is a good hugger!

It always amazes me how much children learn and grow in their short lives. I love watching my kids grow and it is so much fun to look back at how far they’ve come. Happy half birthday, little girl!

Are half birthdays a big deal to your kids?

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