Christmas card display ideas

One of my favorite things about the month before Christmas (and there are a lot of favorite things) is getting Christmas cards in the mail. Every year, we send out a picture card and a letter, and we send a LOT of cards. Which means we get a LOT of cards every year.

I just love seeing our friends and loved ones, near and far. The new babies, the new houses, the children growing up.

But the problem is, how to display them all?

I have experimented with many different display methods over the years. I started out by standing them up on the mantel. One year, I taped them up around a doorway. Another year, I taped them all up on the back of the front door.

A couple of years ago, my mom and I did a great craft where we found a bunch of sticks outside, spray-painted them silver, and then stood them up in a decorative tin bucket. Then I used some small jewel-toned metallic binder clips to clip each card to a branch.

All of my solutions were imperfect, at best. When I taped the cards up, they would fall off, and when I clipped them to the branches, they looked fabulous, but I kept knocking the bucket over.

And none of the displays looked as good when we started to get more and more cards. After about 20, they all just looked crowded.

So that’s when I finally gave in and bought an actual Christmas card display piece. It is a black wire piece, shaped like a whimsical tree. On the branches are curlicues that you can tuck Christmas cards into. I love it because it looks good full of cards, or even without any cards at all. In fact, I keep it up all year.

Do you send Christmas cards? How do you display the Christmas cards you receive?



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