A Mommy who returns library books on time

Let’s take a break from the serious posts in this series for today, shall we?

I seem to be physically unable to get library books back to the library when they are due.

I don’t know what the problem is. It’s not like the amount of time we have them changes or something tricky, it’s always three weeks. I get a print-out each time of the books we have borrowed, and the due date’s right there on the receipt.

Hey, the library even emails me a few days before to let me know the big day is approaching!

It’s not that we lose the books. I have a certain place in the living room where the books stay. Nobody is allowed to take them upstairs, and the only books downstairs are Joel’s books, so the library books never get mixed up with books we own. (We learned this the hard way.)

It’s not that the library is out of my way, or even an additional trip. It is on the way to the girls’ school, only moments from our house. I can even renew books online any time I want if I’m not going out at all.

So the problem becomes the fines. And since there are four book-loving kids with their book-loving mommy, we are not only checking out one or two books each time. No, when we leave the library, all three of the girls have a full bag and so do I. So even if the books are only a day or two late, the fines rack up.

And besides the fines, there’s the guilt of it all! What are those library ladies thinking of a mommy who can NEVER manage to get the books back on time? It has gotten to the point that only certain cards can be used at check-out. “No, honey, we can’t use your card today, there’s a big fine on it! Let’s use Sydney’s card. She just signed up for hers…”

So today I returned a bunch of books into the library drop-off before school. They were only one day late (score!), so I was feeling pretty good. Until I got home from picking Sydney up from preschool and I listened to the message on my answering machine.

Apparently one of the board books we returned was damaged, and did I know what had happened? They don’t generally circulate books in that condition…

Nothing happened to that book in my house. I know because we check books out for Joel, but then they end up staying in the library bag until it’s (past) time to take them back. I just use them to pacify him while we’re in the library.  But with a record like ours, who’s going to believe that? We’re like the criminals of the library!

I guess I’m buying a board book.

How do you get your library books back on time? Help me out!

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1 comment to A Mommy who returns library books on time

  • oh I am really bad too. I always get the late emails and than still can’t seem to get them back to the library until a few days after that. Its sad because we could actually walk there. A long walk, but totally doable, so by car its honestly right down the road!

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