Time to carve the pumpkin!

There are lots of families who carve grand, elaborate pumpkins this time of year. People download stencils and painstakingly scrape away at the pumpkin’s flesh to create cats, monsters, ghosts, or lovely fall trees.

Yeah, we stick to the basics.

Little guys on the table, big girls on chairs (much to their distress. Audrey really wanted to sit on the table, too, but where would the pumpkin be if there were four people sitting on the table?) nearby.

Audrey and I worked together to draw the requisite triangles for eyes and nose, then I sketched out a mouth to match Georgia’s toothless grin.

Audrey added “vampire ears” which, of course, are zigzags. What? Haven’t you noticed what vampires’ ears look like?

Then Rich went to work cutting off the top. It wasn’t as easy as usual, because somehow the pumpkin’s stem had broken off far to short to be an effective handle. But the top was removed, nonetheless.

When he looked inside, Joel was enthralled. He grabbed hold of the spoon and went to town on the goop inside. (What is that stuff actually called, anyway?)

And it was time to carve the face. Not fancy, but festive! Georgia, I see the resemblance!

And one more project: jack-o-lantern cutout cookies. Not sure how they’ll taste, but they were sure fun to make!

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