Pumpkin Picking

We love going to the pumpkin patch every October. Last year, Joel was just a little guy:

But this year, he really enjoyed himself!

We started out with a hayride, which everyone loved. Except Rich, who is allergic to hay, and got a hive on his wrist. Which happens every year. But he’s a good sport, anyway (at least the ride was on hay bales, and not loose hay).

Then the three girls went through the corn maze. They have done these before, but never with the corn still attached to the field…Once they disappeared from sight, I was a bit nervous, but they emerged a few minutes later, victorious!

Next, we hit the patch, where Joel and Sydney kept tripping over the pumpkin vines. Sydney asked why “they hadda put these sticks all over the ground?” and was interested to learn that the pumpkins had to grow on the vines.

After some minor fighting over who was going to push the wheelbarrow, they all gave it a try and realized that Daddy had to push it. But they were able to push the smaller wheelbarrow themselves (especially when it was empty)!

And then Rich dropped $7 apiece so the girls could each go on a pony ride. But Audrey had never ridden a horse before, and with two of her friends wildly into horseback riding, she really wanted to try. Hey, it’s just money, right?

It was a great family day!

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