How to cut a baby boy’s hair

 Joel needed a hair cut. His hair was growing over his ears and over his eyebrows. In the back, it was long enough to put a ponytail in, if I would’ve been so inclined. But I had no idea how to cut a baby boy’s hair. I do cut Rich’s hair, but his is buzzed really short and all the same length. So, of course, I consulted my trusty Google for guidance.

Shockingly, there was very little in the way of help. So, here you go! How to cut a baby boy’s hair.

Most importantly, I found, was that you really need two adults to do this job. I strapped Joel into his booster seat at the table and gave him a snack. But Rich was essential as he helped to distract Joel and keep his little hands away from the scissors.

I started by misting Joel’s hair with a little squirt bottle I use for the girls’ hair.

Then I gave the bottle to Joel. I used his baby brush to straighten out his hair, and started cutting by his ears. Tiny snips are better than big chomps with the scissors, because it will be easier to blend in as you cut. Hold the scissors vertically as you snip so there isn’t a harsh line across (that will probably not be straight anyway).

Time for some more distractions. Rich broke out the play-doh hairstyling set. Just the thing to finish off the other side!

Once both sides are done, move on to the front. Even though this picture looks like I’m cutting across, you should still keep the scissors vertical as you hold small pieces of hair. Again, you want to avoid making a harsh line. Unless you’re a professional, in which case you do Not need this tutorial. Keep brushing the front back and forth with your fingers to see how the hair is lying, avoiding angry baby swats as you go. Joel was not a fan of the little hairs falling in his face.

After the sides and front, I was pretty much done fighting this guy. Not to mention Joel’s mood. But Rich said that I had to finish because Joel couldn’t be a mullet baby! But I found out that compared to the other parts, the back is cake. Again, stick with the vertical scissors and small snips until his hair is the length you like.

Just in the nick of time, meltdown averted!

I guess I know how to cut a baby boy’s hair now. It was a lot harder than I had anticipated, but I would hate to see how it would go if we took him to an actual barber! What do you think of my handsome big boy?

Do you cut your sons’ hair? Do you have any tips for me? (Please!)

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5 comments to How to cut a baby boy’s hair

  • Laura

    I cut my son's hair. He's 2 1/2 now. My tip is be careful what food you give him to snack on. Nothing sticky (like a sticky granola bar or a lollipop). Hair stuck to them like crazy. :)

  • Diane S

    My son is way too wiggly and opinionated to let me cut his hair. I was always afraid that I'd either butcher his hair, or an ear! I leave it to the professionals! He looks adorable!

  • Amy

    Makes sense! But I probably would've learned the hard way. Lollipops SEEM like a good idea…

  • Amy

    Joel's ears did keep getting in the way…but I was too afraid of what a screaming throw-down he would have if I took him somewhere. I figured he'd get half a haircut and I'd have to finish anyway!

  • Margaret

    Wow! You did a great job for a first-timer! The most important things I've found are to get the edges done first. That way if you have to abandon ship later on, you're not stuck with one side done and the other not. Then I use my fingers as a guide for the rest of it and cut everything else a little longer than my finger width. It can look a little military (especially if his hair is longer) for a few weeks but you can leave it a little longer on top if you want. We also use movies to keep him still. And do it first thing in the morning, when he's least likely to be cranky. Sometimes it looks good, others I wish I'd taken him somewhere. Oh well!

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