Every Friday, The Gypsy Mama hosts Five Minute Friday, where participants write for five minutes on the weekly prompt. 

This week: Beyond…

Looking beyond the mess, behind the noise, past the chaos.

Pants with stained knees mean that little girls were playing outside, getting fresh air and stretching their imaginations.

Socks with holes mean that feet were busy going about their days, faithfully working.

Cars underfoot mean that a little boy is learning and growing.

Bits of feather boa around the house, in the vacuum, in the furnace filter, mean that little girls are learning to be women.

Papers and crayons on the floor mean that little ones were discovering their creativity.

Cups and plates and pans and bowls and spoons and dishes crusted with food mean that four little mouths were fed all day, that four little people are growing strong and healthy.

Singing and shouting and chattering and asking on and on and on mean that four little brains are cheerfully learning.

Looking beyond the mess makes the mess look a lot more beautiful.

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1 comment to Beyond

  • Summer Kinard

    So true! I have two little ones, and I find myself thinking along these lines each day. Your final line sums it up so well. (found this post at Gypsy Mama)

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