A Mommy who is quicker to laugh than scold

My kids love to laugh. Don’t all kids? Audrey and Joel are funny, though: if they laugh too much, they get the hiccups. And if one of them keeps laughing after starting to hiccup, burps start coming out, too! (No names are being named here.)

Georgia and Sydney have no hiccuping problems, so they indulge in laughter often. Here’s their favorite joke right now:

“Hey, Sydney, look under there!”

“Under where?”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha (get it? underwear?) ha ha ha and everyone dissolves into gales, howls of laughter.

There are so many situations my kids get in that a little humor would get them right out again. Why is this so hard to remember? Instead, I am quick to launch into a three-point speech that has their eyes glazing over in seconds.

This week, I tried to concentrate on being a mommy who is quicker to laugh than scold. I would love to report back that there were huge breakthroughs, with laughter filling our home.

Didn’t happen.

It was almost like the girls ramped up their game because they knew about this series! I mean, really. Last Thursday afternoon, they were outside playing with the neighbor kids when Georgia came running in with a big knot on her forehead. They had pulled an umbrella stroller out of the shed and were taking turns going for rides in it. And not just rides, but Rides. Like roller-coaster-esque rides. On the cement patio.

And then, as I was getting Georgia ice for her head, I looked out the window and saw Sydney having a Ride.

So my quest for laughter was quickly trashed in favor of scolding.

But on the positive side, I was more aware of my reactions to them throughout the week. There were a couple of mornings when I was getting ready to snap at them for no good reason, when I checked myself and spoke kindly instead.

All in all, I think I need another week on this one.

Has anyone else been thinking about the kind of mommy you want to be? Tell me, or leave me a link if you’ve posted about it.

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1 comment to A Mommy who is quicker to laugh than scold

  • Sharon Rowley

    I struggle with the same thing. I want to be that laugh-it-all-off Mom…. but before long it is replaced with the serious-you-better-stop-jumping-off-the-bunk-bed Mom. But I do that is okay…. my kids have siblings to laugh and fool around with… it is my job to reign it in when it gets out of control. (right?)

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