10 things to be thankful for when your kids have the stomach flu

Isn’t it awfully early for kids to be getting sick? Joel is starting up his now-annual cold-morphing-into-wheezing cycle, and this afternoon two of the girls started throwing up.

I could start moaning about laundry, but that’s not going to get me through this night. Although I reserve the right to start moaning at any point.

Instead, I’m going to pull a Pollyanna and try to find the bright side. Of vomit. Why not challenge myself, right?

1. I’m thankful that my laundry was done.
I usually do mountains of laundry on Tuesdays and Friday/Saturdays. For some reason, this week I did laundry on Monday and Thursday. This means that the laundry facilities are open for business.

2. I’m thankful that I am not running out of Tide.
Because it looks like I’m going to be needing a lot in the next couple of days.

3. I’m thankful that I just bought a hand soap refill this week.
We were running reeeeeeallly low, and after putting it off for a while, we have a nice fresh bottle. Which is now half gone.

4. I’m thankful that my 7-year-old has reached a special milestone.
I found out this afternoon that she is able to make it to the toilet when needing to throw up! Yeah, baby! Now, if she could just learn to lift the toilet seat as well as the lid…

5. I’m thankful that my 4-year-old is lucky.
While she has not reached the special milestone, she did miss the carpet, which I count as a success.

6. I’m thankful for a sleepy baby.
Although I’ve been in Georgia and Sydney’s room four times since bedtime, Joel has not woken up yet. Sleep, baby, sleep!

7. I’m thankful that they both have it.
As crazy as it sounds, I would rather them both have it at once. If not, the healthy one would be woken up so many times, and then she would get it anyway once the other was better! Might as well get it all over with at once, right?

8. I’m thankful the Phillies are playing in Game 5.
Rich took Audrey to the game tonight, but if the Phillies hadn’t been playing, all three girls were going to be visiting my parents. Which means that Georgia and Sydney would have thrown up in my mom’s car. And I think she’s cleaned up enough of my kids’ vomit.

9. I’m thankful that they’re just “sick,” not sick.
Whenever my kids are under the weather, I think about all those kids who are truly sick. And even though they’re walking germ factories right now, I am thankful that they are healthy.

10. I’m thankful I don’t have it.

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