Tips for Toddler Car Seat Safety

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Joel is 15 months old, walking, starting to run, and learning to talk. But he is still riding rear-facing in his car seat. This spring, the American Association of Pediatrics issued new car seat recommendations for child safety. Up until then, the recommendation had been to keep your child rear-facing until he reached 12 months and 20 pounds. But now, parents are urged to keep their toddlers rear-facing until age 2, or until they reach the height/weight limit of their seat.

So, for now, Joel is happily sitting in his convertible car seat. I plan on keeping him that way for the foreseeable future, as I really have no reason to switch him at this point. After all, he doesn’t know the difference!

Have you heard that statistic that a huge majority of car seats are installed incorrectly? Here are some tips I found from Kid Safe and my kids’ car seat manuals:

  • Make sure your child is within both height and weight limits of the seat.
  • When installed, the seat should move no more than an inch to the front/back or the left/right. Give that seat belt or LATCH a good tug!
  • Don’t use both the seat belt and LATCH system to install the seat. One or the other!
  • Make sure the harness is in the appropriate slot for your child’s height. Check the manual.
  • The chest clip needs to be at the level of your child’s armpits, not down by his tummy.
  • The harness needs to be tight against your child: you shouldn’t be able to pinch any of the fabric of the harness between your fingers.
  • Be a good example: always wear your seat belt.

Do you have any other toddler car safety tips?

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