This is my first foray into The Gypsy Mama’s 5 Minute Friday. Every Friday, there is a prompt that people write about for five minutes. No editing, just write and post. This week’s prompt is “Rest.” Here goes!

There are no coffee breaks for a stay-at-home mom. No “mental health” days, and sick days are few and far between. I am so thankful that all my children sleep through the night (it was a long road for Joel), so in that way I am rested.

But I snatch my rest in the in-between times. The minutes when Joel is napping and the girls are playing happily, the hours between their bedtime and ours, the moments when Joel is snuggled on my lap drinking his milk, these are the moments I can rest.

My rest comes during church on Sunday mornings, when I can let God’s word wash over me in the music and the preaching and the reading. My rest comes when my babies are tucked in their beds, freshly washed, bellies full of dinner, hearts full of peace. When we are all under one roof, safe, warm, and dry.


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2 comments to Rest

  • Chrystal

    Well said mama! I think we can all relate:)

  • Julie

    I can appreciate this! I am not a mother, but in my various times of jobs that were very hectic, I can remember when my time of solace was church and I looked so forward to it every week! My schedule has shifted some but I know we all go through ebbs and flows in life. Your post reminds me that it's still important to get refreshment and rest in Him no matter how busy our life gets! THanks

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