For Labor Day

Here’s something fun for Labor Day. I got the idea from Kristin at We Are THAT Family.

How long were your labors?
Audrey: 10 hours
Georgia: 10 hours
Sydney: 25 hours
Joel: 8 hours

How did you know you were in labor?
Audrey: I was 8 days late and induced due to low fluid levels. She was born the next morning (9 days late!)

Georgia: I was 8 days late and almost asleep at 10:30 at night when I started having contractions. She was born the next morning (9 days late, again!)

Sydney: I woke up in the morning when I was 10 days late and started having contractions. Rich was scheduled to have a final presentation in an MBA class that evening, so I spent the entire day laying on the couch while the girls watched TV. I managed to hold off until he was done with his presentation (he got an A) and we went to the hospital around 9:30 that night (12 hours after my first contraction). She was born at about 8:00 the next morning (11 days late!)

Joel: I was 7 days late and went in for a scheduled C-section because he was breech. I was being prepped for surgery and we found out just before the doctor came in to place my spinal that he had turned. I was immediately induced, and he was born at 6:00 p.m. exactly.

Where did you deliver?
At a small hospital in the Philadelphia suburbs. For Audrey and Georgia, it was close by, but for Sydney and Joel we had moved several towns down, so it was about 30-45 minutes away depending on traffic. But we never seemed to have any problem making it on time. Since I was always so overdue, my doctors never had the nerve to send me home, even if I wasn’t very far along when I went in!

Yes, please.

Almost for Joel, but nope.

Who delivered?
I go to a group practice of doctors I love. Of the five in the practice, one delivered Audrey, Sydney, and Joel. Another delivered Georgia. My favorite, fabulous doctor didn’t deliver any of them!

Your turn! What were your labors like? Tell me in the comments or post on your own blog and leave me the link in the comments.

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  • Sarah Peppel

    I had a c-section kid followed by a natural birth. Gotta say, I'd go back to c-section if I knew how much damage one kid's bony shoulder can do on the way out. Too much information?

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