Summer Reading Round-up

Before I had kids, one of the things I was most looking forward to was reading with them. I have always loved to read, and spent many a summer day sprawled across my bed with a stack of books. I had to lay perfectly still to best access the slight breeze from the ceiling fan as I read, since we had no air conditioning.

I am so thankful that all four of my children love books. We love to head to the library and check out bags full, then come home and read them.

This summer, the three girls are all signed up for our library reading program. Audrey and Georgia are reading their own books and filling in their book logs, while I am reading to Sydney and filling hers in. We are also participating in the Barnes and Noble summer book club, where the school-aged girls need to read 8 books and then they can choose a free book off the list provided by the store.

Audrey has been reading a variety of books. I think her favorite this summer was Nature Girl. It was about a 12-year-old girl who hiked the Appalachian Trail alone in order to leave her family’s vacation and repair her relationship with her best friend.

Georgia is kind of in an in-between stage in her reading. She likes to read, but it is definitely not her first choice of activity. Nonetheless, she has read a lot of books! She discovered a biography series that she has really enjoyed. Her favorite one has been Who Was Amelia Earhart?. We visited Amelia Earhart’s plane when we went to the Smithsonian American History museum, and both girls loved seeing it. These biographies are really engaging for my girls. There are a lot of drawn pictures, and the girls have enjoyed learning about Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and Anne Frank.

Sydney is happy to have finally grown big enough to enjoy listening to chapter books. Her favorite this summer has been Russell and Elisa and the books in that series. These are such fun books, about a family that lives in New York City and the adventures the two (or three, depending on which book you are reading) children have. Sydney loves them because Elisa is about her age in many of the books.

Even Joel has been loving his books! He has such an attention span. He will sit with me while I read through two or three tubs of books (probably 20-30 board books). His favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, My First Baby Signs, Blue Hat, Green Hat, and anything with either photos of babies, something to touch-and-feel, or animals.

Do your kids like to read? What is one of their favorite books right now?

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