Montessori Monday: Joel’s first

When Sydney was little, I started working with her on some Montessori-type activities. Each Monday I posted about what we had been doing that week. We started when she was about 16 months old, and she took to it right away, learning all the routines.

Joel is now 14 months and I have been thinking about starting some Montessori work with him in another couple of months. But then the other day he was playing in Sydney’s kitchen set and found this Parmesan cheese container. He was opening and closing the lid, so I handed him two little bananas. I showed him how to put them into the container, close the lid, shake it, open the lid, and dump them out.

Joel proceeded to do it again. And again. And again. He probably did it twenty times before moving on to something else.

It’s his first Montessori Monday! My baby is growing up!

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