Learning to walk

It’s pretty amazing to think that a baby can be a helpless little creature, dependent on adults for food, entertainment, and comfort, and just a few months later can be a moving little person with a full personality.

Joel, 14 months, just started walking about a week ago, and I am just in awe. I know, it’s my fourth time through all this, but I think instead of being numbed to the stages I appreciate them more with each child. The way he changed from being only happy while being held (honestly, only being happy while nursing), to learning how to sit up, to crawling and now walking truly makes me see the Design in each of us.

No matter how much the girls tried to help Joel learn how to walk, he was going to do it in his own good time. And even if we hadn’t tried to help him learn, he still would’ve done it in his own time!

I am realizing that Joel is the kind of guy who takes his time to get used to things, but once he decides he likes something, he really likes it. At 14 months, he has been our latest walker. He was also slow about deciding that he liked eating solid foods (now he eats anything in sight…and a lot of it), he was slow about deciding to drink milk (now he asks for it all the time). He was really slow about deciding to sleep through the night (and he needed quite a bit of convincing on that one)!

It’s funny how kids can show their personality so early in life. As a contrast, Georgia (almost 7), was a very early walker (10 months), and was quick to jump into many things. She learned to ride a bike when she was four! She embraces many things with enthusiasm.

I am curious if these trends continue with my kids as they grow, and if so, how they will play out in their lives. But for now, we will enjoy our little guy, walking all over the house and living up to his “toddler” age!

Were your kids early or late walkers? Which stage did you find especially cute?

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