Montessori Tuesday: Counting Animals

It’s been 10 months (!) since I’ve posted a Montessori Monday. Sydney has just not been interested in doing Montessori work, so I’ve put almost all of it away. Every time we have tried to do it, she just asks me to bring out new activities, and of course I can’t afford to have multiple new activities every day! Toward the end of our Montessori days, she didn’t want to re-do any activities, which is pretty much the point of Montessori work.

But we just did it for fun, so I didn’t want to push it.

Until today, when she saw the bin of animal counters up on a high shelf and wanted to play with them. I quickly whipped up a set of number cards, and she had at it.

I guess a loooooong break is just the thing to re-ignite interest. I had tried and tried to get her to do a similar activity, but she never liked it before. Maybe she really was too young then, even though she seemed to understand counting.

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