God Sightings

We just got home from the “family night” of our girls’ Vacation Bible School week tonight. This is their third week of VBS this summer, and they have one more week of fun and Bible learning coming up before school starts again. Every week of VBS has its own night where parents come and hear about what the children have been learning. The kids have a chance to show off the songs they have learned throughout the week, and there is a fun time of socializing afterwards.

This week’s VBS has occurred at our family’s church, a new-to-us church (I’ll call it NC) that we started attending last November. After attending our previous church for over ten years, changing churches was a heart-wrenching and tear-filled decision. But as soon as we sat through one service at NC, we felt our hearts begin to heal.

Sitting in the sanctuary for the family night tonight, the children’s ministry workers described how the kids had been learning to recognize “God Sightings.” They explained that God Sightings were times when we could clearly see God at work in our lives. And all I could think about was where we were at this time last year. We were dry and unhappy at our beloved church home. We were frustrated and didn’t know what more we could do to try and improve the situation. Last summer, we sent Audrey to VBS at NC and at the family night we were amazed. The five-minute message by the head pastor was insightful and touched our hearts in a way that we had been missing for a long time.

So when things became unbearable at our old church late last fall, Rich suggested one Sunday morning that we visit NC. Just check it out, he said. And we never went back.

Tonight as I watched the girls laughing with their friends, singing their VBS songs and glowing with joy, I knew that this was my own God Sighting. He has truly provided us with a wonderful church family. We are so thankful to be in a place where we are surrounded with God’s people, where we can grow and learn, and where our children can grow and learn as well.

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