Guest post: Backyard Number Boxes

You guys are in for a treat today. My first guest poster is Amy from teachmama, who will be sharing a fun activity she posted last year about this time. On her blog, Amy finds the “learning in the everyday” and has lots of sneaky and fun ways to help little ones learn. She also writes for DC Metro Moms Blog and runs a community called “We Teach” focused on helping parents be the best teachers for their kids. I met Amy last year at BlogHer after being a fan of her blog, and she is just as fun in person!

It was beautiful out today, so after of lots of playing and exploring in our own backyard, I gave Maddy and Owen the challenge of introducing our ole pals the Number Boxes to Mother Nature.

  • Backyard Number Boxes: I brought out two pieces of colored cardstock with boxes numbered 1-8 on top and two rolls of Scotch tape.

I said to Maddy and Owen, All right friends, you’ve done this before, but you’ve never done it outside. I’m challenging you both to fill each of these Number Boxes with the correct number of things you can find here in our backyard. Like in this box (pointing to number 1), I might put one piece of grass in the middle and then stick it in the box with tape. Do you think you can do it?
Maddy literally grabbed her paper and tape and ran into the yard, and Owen seemed equally excited but stayed close to me on the porch. Maddy was happy working on her own, so occasionally I checked to see how she was doing, but I mostly hung out with Owen. He loved the hunting and counting parts but had trouble with the taping.

Yes, this is Owen’s partially finished one, and yes, that is a cat treat he put for Number 1, and no, (for those of you who know us) we don’t have a cat. We give our neighbor’s cats treats (with permission!), and Owen found one in the corner of our porch; because of allergies, we’ll never have a cat of our own. We need to lure them close enough to pet somehow. . .

So there is our little bit of learning for the day! Happy Spring Break!

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