Ah, young love

Yesterday we packed up the girls and went sledding. It was Sydney’s first time ever, and she absolutely loved it. There were two especially sweet moments.

We met our good friends and neighbors at the hill and Sydney and Tommy started making plans. Now Tommy is a very sweet little boy and Rich and Tommy’s daddy have pretty much made an agreement that the two of them will be an arranged marriage (terms still under discussion).

Tommy and Sydney are obviously not in opposition to their daddies’ plans.

Tommy: Syd, do you want to go down the hill with me? You can sit in the fwont.

Sydney: Sure!

So sweet.

The other cute moment was when Sydney went down on one of those saucer sleds, lost hold of the handles just as she was starting out, and still made it totally to the bottom of the hill somehow.

The best part was that I didn’t have to go down and get her. Love you, honey!

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