A long "vacation"

It all started when Georgia came home from school with a fever at the end of October. Yes, it was the dreaded H1N1. And guess who got it next? Yup, Mommy. And then Sydney. Poor little Syd was still running a 101 degree fever on Halloween night when I loaded her up in the stroller to go trick-or-treating!

Sydney as a ladybug. “I got a NOSE!”

Georgia as a bride

Audrey as the American Girl Kit

Fortunately, it started raining after about 45 minutes and the big girls said they were done, so we were all able to go home.

Then once we were finally all well again, it was time to start working on my lecture for our church’s women’s Bible study. I don’t know how pastors do it every week, I really don’t. Writing one 30-minute lecture took up a huge portion of my attention for weeks. But as of last night at 8:30, I have fulfilled my commitment. Yay!

So the next thing on the agenda is…Disney World! We are leaving on Saturday for a week of Disney magic, courtesy of my wonderful in-laws. And lest any crazies somehow found out where we actually live, my equally wonderful parents will be at our house while we are gone to do some painting for us. (Note to self: TAKE BEFORE PICTURES!)

You may be asking yourself, “WHY can’t they do their own painting???” Valid question. Two answers. First, my dad is very particular about the proper way to paint things. I truly think he would rather do it himself instead of have to see an imperfect paint job every time he visits.

But the main reason is that I am getting a promotion. Instead of my occupation being mommy to three, I am going to be mommy to four starting in June! I waffle between sheer excitement and sheer terror. But the girls are absolutely thrilled about their new baby. Sydney can’t decide whether she thinks the baby is a girl or a boy, so she just calls it “he” all the time. Simplifies things.

I have really missed the ol’ blog. Hopefully my blogging vacation is over for a while!

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