The only applesauce recipe

In my opinion, this is the ONLY way to make applesauce. The one drawback is that you will need a food mill.

Wash, core, and cut into eighths a bunch of apples. DO NOT peel them.

Place them in a stock pot with a smidgen of water (really, just barely cover the bottom of the pot) and a healthy shake of cinnamon. Don’t be shy, cover those guys.

Cook over medium-low to low heat for a while. And I mean like an hour. Stir occasionally.

When the apples are done, they will be mush. Mush and skin. You can either let it cool for a while, or process it right away.

Put your food mill over a big bowl. You might want another bowl nearby just in case. Carefully pour the hot apple mush into the food mill.

Crank it, baby. This is the best part for kids to help with.

And look at that masterpiece of fall tastiness. Delicious hot, warm, or cold.

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