Which teacher is best?

The other day, I got a call from our school district verifying that Georgia will, in fact, be attending kindergarten in a few weeks. After I confirmed Georgia’s registration, the woman from the district informed me that I would receive a letter from her teacher the week before school starts. Audrey’s third grade class assignment was included with her report card, but the kindergarten situation at the end of the year was a bit up in the air. Enrollment was low enough to only call for two sections of kindergarten, but if enough additional students moved to the area, there could easily be a third class created.

Georgia is hoping against hope that she will have the same teacher Audrey had in kindergarten, Mrs. F. I am hoping against hope that there will be three classes–Audrey’s grade only had two, and there were 24 children in her class with no aide. This year in second grade she had just 18, and it was amazing what a huge difference it made.

I thought about requesting a teacher for Georgia this year. Audrey’s teacher was very nice, but Audrey spent her entire year doing worksheets. On the other hand, Mrs. F and the other kindergarten teacher, Mrs. A, teach very much as a team and I think that Mrs. A’s class was doing pretty much the same worksheets as the other class. Plus, Mrs. A is very nice, too. So Round 1 is a tie. Both nice, both too many worksheets.

So then I thought about what it would mean for Georgia to follow in Audrey’s footsteps in kindergarten. On the one hand, Mrs. F would probably expect Georgia to be like Audrey (she is like her in some ways, but extremely different in most things). The inevitable comparisons could be a bad thing. But on the other hand, Mrs. F is used to dealing with our family. She let me help with a lot of accommodations for Audrey and would probably be open to more of the same with Georgia.

If Georgia was in Mrs. A’s class, she wouldn’t have to deal with as much of the comparisons, even if they were unspoken. And even though Mrs. A doesn’t know us well, we could always adjust and get to work together.

So I ended up not requesting anything for Georgia’s kindergarten teacher. I actually am kind of hoping for Mrs. A, or even a mysterious 3rd teacher. But we will all have to be surprised!

I am saving my request for first grade!

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