Montessori Monday: Gearing up for the new year

In the midst of switching out the girls’ rooms is my preparation for another year of Montessori work with Sydney. Sydney’s old room is becoming Rich’s office and also the Montessori room. It is definitely a work in progress, but I am excited about the potential.

So far, I have moved the Montessori shelf into the room. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and I moved all of Sydney’s clothes out, too. But I still need to move the toys that have somehow migrated in during the transition and find another home for them.

Sydney’s changing table is a cabinet that will become more Montessori storage. On top of the cabinet I am going to put another shelf unit with doors that my mom and I found at a garage sale for $2 earlier this summer. That will be for work that Sydney is not ready for yet, or that I am rotating out for whatever reason. Maybe seasonal activities or something like that.

And where Sydney’s crib used to be will be Rich’s desk. Actually, it’s an Ikea table, but it works. Above the table is a long shelf mounted to the wall and he can keep all his files and stuff up there. Under the table I am planning to put a plastic storage gizmo with drawers so he can store even more of his junk paperwork.

So now I just have to go re-read my Montessori books and start planning out some activities to make. My parents gave Sydney $50 for her birthday, which I will be using to buy her some new materials. I am looking forward to getting started again!

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