Old MacGeorgia had a farm

Every year, Georgia’s nursery school takes a trip to a local farm. It is the perfect size for preschool children, with tons of baby animals they can hold, feed, and pet. Last year, Rich took Georgia since a 1-year-old Sydney would have been impossible. But this year the three of us had a great time!

Georgia rode the pony three times. Sydney didn’t work up the courage to go over until the pony had gone back to his stable and it was time to go home.

They both got to hold baby goats. Who knew goats were so adorable?

The 4 Musketeers–Georgia and her three best buds.They had a litter of brand new Labradoodles. The girls got to hold them and pet them. The farmer came up and said the puppies were for sale–$700 apiece! Back away from the dogs, girls. Don’t squish them!

I was surprised by how much fun we had! I was envisoning lots of mud and having to keep Sydney from either running away or running into mortal danger. The mud part came true, but other than that, we had a great time.

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