To my baby on her second birthday

Dear Sydney,

My baby, you are 2! I guess I can’t really call you a baby anymore, and really, you don’t seem much like a baby.
You have grown so much this year, from a baby into a little girl. I have loved spending time with you, playing and watching you learn.

I love the relationship that is blossoming between you and your sisters. The love the three of you have for each other is so precious. What a blessing that you have two wonderful sisters to grow up with!

I love the way you pray at dinner time, “Dear God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for pasta. Chicken. Sauce. Cheese. Bread. Water. Jesus’ name. Amen.” (or, in your language, “Ghee Gah. Gake oo fo’ dis day. Gake oo fo’ pas-duh. Kick-en. Yow-ss. Keys. Bed. Wa-er. Ghe us name. A. M.”)

I love that you have strong likes (the alphabet, books, your teddy, cheese, Goldfish, Ranch dressing) and strong dislikes (any unbreaded chicken, having to hold hands in the parking lot, carrots, not getting to watch ANOTHER show on TV).

I love getting you up from your nap, when your head is all covered with sweaty little curls. Every afternoon, I drink in that sweaty baby smell as I hold you close.

I love that you squeeze every drop of fun out of every situation, and when you’re done, you’re done.

I love that I’m your mommy. Happy birthday, baby.


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