A Lunch Date

It is a beautiful day today in Philadelphia (finally), and Georgia had a playdate after nursery school. So I decided to take my Sydney out for lunch.

We loaded up the stroller with a bunch of books and her baby doll, and walked up the street to a little Chinese place with cheap, tasty food. I told Sydney that we were going to a restaurant to eat. Now this is a treat for her, because her presence has seldom graced sit-down eating establishments. It’s just something about her tantrums, I don’t know, but we usually get take-out or go to Chick-fil-A.

So we ordered and sat down, and Sydney and I had such a nice little lunch date! She had sweet and sour chicken and I had chicken with cashew nuts. And although I was more than happy to share my chicken, every time I asked for a bite of hers she pulled her plate away and said, “NO! My Kick-en!”

I was forced to sneak tastes while she was looking the other way.

But it was fun to have my littlest big girl out on a date!

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